Fall Finds

Fall Finds


As you may already know, when the season finally comes around, so does all the hype behind pumpkin spice lattes, big cozy sweaters, orange leaves, and flannels. Call me basic, but those are on the list of things that make me the happiest in this world. Dogs are definitely on that list too, but during the fall you can dress dogs up in cute little Halloween costumes so REALLY how could it get any better?

So, in honor of my favorite time of year, I decided to share with you some of my favorite looks of the season. This post is the first of many so brace yourself, and your wallet, for a whole lot of goodness.

This type of look is my favorite thing to put on when it’s a little gloomy outside and I’m feelin’ extra edgy (we all have those days).

So I’ll start from the top and go down.


THESE HATS. Can we talk about these hats? These hats are the best thing to happen to people like me who don’t like to wash their hair every day. And before you say I’m gross, know it takes a lot of hard work to curl and tease these locks, so I will do anything (including 7 layers of dry shampoo) to make them last.

Also, genius accessories like these usually cost less than $25, so you can not wash your hair AND look like a walking fashion statement without denting your bank account (every girls dream).

Shop hat: Forever 21



Now, the choker. I don’t know about you, but I really hope this choker trend never dies. It brings out my inner 90’s Britney Spears and honestly, what’s better than that.

Anyways, I got this stunner at a store called GS Love. Although it’s not the best quality, I bought a set of 4 chokers for only $8. SO, if you’re ballin’ on a budget, this is the place for you.

Shop choker: GS Love


Next stop is the tee. As you probably already know, rocker tee’s are 100% in right now AND they’re super loose and comfortable. You know what that means? You can drink as many pumpkin spiced lattes as your heart desires and no one will be able to tell. Genius, I know.

Shop tee: Forever 21


Next – the pants! These little suckers are high waisted which means you can literally wear them with any outfit. A cute crop top? Wear them with these high waisted pants. A body suit? Wear them with these high waisted pants. A loose, flowy shirt? Wear them with these high waisted pants.

Okay, I’ll stop, you get the point. But one last thing – they’re super stretchy and comfortable WHICH MEANS they’re also pumpkin spice latte approved. WINNING.

Shop pants: Nectar Clothing


Last but not least – booties! I bought these bad boys last spring for a whopping $10! They were on sale at Charlotte Russe and I snatched them up in a heartbeat. I honestly think everyone needs a pair of carmel booties because they go with practically anything SO I linked some cute ones down below. Us shopaholics need to help each other out, you know?

Shop booties: Charlotte Russe

Well there you have it folks – you’re all set to make a statement this fall. You’re welcome. 😉

Thank you all for reading & thank you to my amazing, talented photographer Kristen LemMon! You can check out her work & book her for your own shoot here: kristenellingson.com

Comment what you would like to see me blog about next, XOXO.


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