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Hey babes! Let’s start off by taking you back to 2010 – the UGG boots were knee-high and the denim skirts were short (thanks to Brittany Spears – anyone else remember that iconic look?).

After about 3 years of asking for a pair for Christmas, my dreams finally came true when I opened up a big box of – you guessed it – my first pair of UGG BOOTS. To say I was hyped is an understatement.

Little did I know that 8 years later, I’d be right back where I was that Christmas – stocking up my shoe collection with my favorite pair(s) of UGG shoes. That’s right, friends, they’re back and they’re better than ever.

Now, if you’re sitting at your computer or on your phone reading this and you’re thinking, “I don’t know Maddie – I normally trust you when it comes to trends but this one seems a little crazy…” Stop doubting!

Why do I seem so sure about this look? Because UGG shoes have gone past their typical, classic boot to create fashion-forward, savy, edgy and bold styles (with boots and non-boots alike) – all things that I LOVE when looking for a pair of shoes.

And if that doesn’t convince you, URBAN OUTFITTERS dropped an UGG collab a few months back and they have BLOWN UP. If Urban does it, you KNOW it’s cool. Can I get an amen?!

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking GREAT, Urban is the last place that I want to shop right now – everything there is SO expensive. Well, if that’s you, have no fear. Why?

Because Zappos sells UGG shoes online and they have the absolute best prices out there. PLUS, they fast AND free shipping, 365-day return policy, and stellar customer service – perfect for ordering shoes during the busy holiday season.

In fact, I ordered both theses pairs of UGG shoes from Zappos and they were at my door within the week (WOW – am I right?!). And don’t worry, if you love these pairs as much as I do, I went ahead and linked them for you guys here and here.

And if I haven’t convinced you to buy a pair of UGG boots just yet, People Magazine just posted an article featuring tons of celebrities (I’m talking Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – all fashion ICONS) rocking UGG shoes and looking FAB while doing it.

So go ahead and bless your life (or maybe one of your fashion-forward friends for Christmas) and indulge in a pair (or five) of UGG shoes from Zappos. And be sure to let me know which ones you got in the comments below! xx

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