Happy Saturday, friends! It’s December 2nd which means there are only 23 more days until Christmas! I don’t think I could be any more excited.

With the start of the holiday season, I wanted to share with you guys where I’ve been spending most of my money on this year’s winter wardrobe.

Over the past month or so, I’ve been a little courageous with my shopping endeavors. What I mean by that is I’ve been buying some staple pieces from brands and stores I’ve never shopped at before.

For some reason, when you’re shopping online, it makes it a little bit easier to charge the card with less guilt – at least it is for me. So, I decided to venture out and try to find some new, affordable stores to share with all of you. Here’s the first outfit I came up with:

Let’s start from the top. This “Switch It Up Cap” from Lux Clothing is a complete game changer. As you probably know from my previous blogs and Instagram posts, I have a newly found love for conductor hats. They give me 1920’s, Notebook vibes and I feel like I can rule the world every time I wear one. BUT, what I didn’t have was this hat in my absolute favorite color.

I have black ones, green ones and even a striped one, but I had yet to buy a camel colored one – which is odd because I almost always have something camel colored as apart of my outfit. So, when I came across this bad boy, I knew I needed to buy it ASAP. It’s the perfect fit – not too tight and not too bulky. Plus, it comes in four colors AND it’s only $22!

Next stop: the sweater. This little number is from a brand called White Crow. A lot of the influencers that I follow started posting pictures in their clothes which, of course, led me to check out their page and eventually make a purchase – I have NO will power when it comes to shopping, people.

They have so many cute pieces to choose from – all super high quality with affordable prices. I bought this sweater in particular because I needed a simple, black sweater for the winter months AND it has the cutest little ties on the bell sleeves. So simple, yet so cute.

Now, it’s time for the jeans. Have you heard of the brand, Parker Smith? No? Okay well I’m about to change your life (you’re welcome).

Parker Smith is a Los Angeles based brand that makes high quality jeans that hug your waist and legs for the absolute perfect fit. I binged, got a few pairs and, I’m being honest with you people, I regret NOTHING. These jeans are to die for.

These particular jeans are called “Bombshell Crop in Dawn.” They’re high waisted, made with stretchy, comfortable denim and have cropped, frayed ankles. They’re so stretchy that if you’re in between sizes, I would recommend going with the lower size because they stretch to perfectly fit your body.

PLUS, they’re really slimming and comfortable at the same time. I’ve worn a lot of jeans from a lot of different brands in my day, so believe me when I say it really doesn’t get any better than Parker Smith.

Lastly, these shoes. THESE SHOES. Do I need to say more? “The Comet Boots” are from Sol Sana – an Australian based shoe company that JUST started shipping to the US. You know what that means? You can hop on the Sol Sana train before the rest of the US gets wind of it. Again, you’re welcome 😉

These are my first “sock boots” and, after getting these, I think I’m going to have to buy 20 more pairs. They’re SO comfortable and go SO well with all of the cropped denim that’s in style right now. And you don’t even have to wear them with denim. You can pair them with dresses, oversized sweatshirts – anything you want, really.

And these just aren’t you’re average black sock boots. They have a little bit of shimmer in the fabric – making them unique and perfect for anyone wanting to amp up their fashion game a little bit. And if you already have a pair of black sock boots, don’t worry – they come in silver too.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. I’ve been covering a lot of fashion lately and have tons of travel/lifestyle posts coming your way! Stay tuned babes and have an amazing week! Xx


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  1. Josh
    December 3, 2017 / 6:04 pm

    Beautiful as always. Love the jeans.

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