Plaid Fad

Plaid Fad

Fall is here & with fall comes tons of fall-like trends. Of all these trends, one of my personal favorites is the plaid pattern.

The best thing about plaid is that it comes in so many shapes, colors, and forms. You can have an oversized plaid shirt paired with some leggings & fuzzy socks on a cold, rainy day, you can add a cute plaid scarf to your favorite tee/jean combo, OR you can match a trendy plaid sweater with a dress & boots like me!



When I saw this vest, I instantly thought “that’s perfect for Thanksgiving.” I could wear it with a black, tight long-sleeved dress, knee high boots & be the trendiest one in the family. Now, your probably thinking – a tight dress on Thanksgiving?? WHO DOES THAT?

But the best part about this vest, and all vests like this one, is that there’s tons of extra fabric towards the front, making it super flowy! That way, the extra fabric hangs in front of you, completely hiding your Thanksgiving food baby. MAGICAL.

There’s also hidden pockets on both sides in the front, so you can store your phone, or sneak some extra food (don’t be ashamed, we all do it sometimes) & no one will know!


You can shop this entire outfit here:

Shop vest: Pink Lily Boutique

Shop dress: Forever 21

Shop boots: Soul Society 

Thanks for reading babes! I hope you all eat lots of goodies & spend time with the ones you love the most while looking the cutest this Thanksgiving. XOXO



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