Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Hey babes! As sad as it is, the summer of 2016 is finally coming to an end; and as the summer came and went, so did many pairs of sunglasses.

Whether they were bent, cracked, scratched, sat on, or lost, so many stylish sunnies are sunnies no more… may they rest in peace.

However, a few of my absolute favorite pairs made it through (thank goodness) – so I’m here to tell you about one pair in particular.

So let’s be real, 90% of the time that I wear sunglasses, I wear them to look cool (don’t act like you’re not guilty of it too). But I was recently hit with the reality that all my time in the sun has been affecting my eyes. After all, I only have one set of eyes so it might be smart to protect them (SHOCKER – I know).

So as sad as it may seem, I decided to say goodbye to my $5 Forever 21 sunnies and say hello to top-quality, yet stylish protection.

But really the sadness only lasted for .25 seconds because I discovered J!NS Eyewear!! Guys – you have to check them out; your life will be changed.


They have so many different frames and lenses that are cute, affordable, and top-notch. Also, not only do they have sunnies, but they have optical glasses! I’m not going to lie, when I was shopping through their website, I found myself wishing that I needed optical glasses because their frames were so cute (curse my 20/20 eyesight).

So, I “settled” for sunglasses. And by settled I mean was so excited when I ordered them that I checked the tracking info each day to see when they would arrive.

And they finally did! I bought the sunnies labeled as LRF-15S-U1130 in Onyx Black and I couldn’t be happier.


So, I was able to spend my summer under the sun, my eyes didn’t pay the price, and I looked stylish while doing it – so go me. AND you can do it too – so go you. 😉

Here’s a little coupon code for your beauties who want to step up your sunnie game. Also, make sure to tag me in your pics showing off your new shades – I can’t wait to see!


Maddie Perry


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