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You guys know that I love all things hair. Whether it’s hair styles, hair tools, hair colors, hair extensions, etc. – I’m into it ALL. And, based off of all of the questions you guys ask me through the gram, I’m guessing you guys are into it too. SO, I wanted to write up a quick little blog post to share one of my all-time favorite products that helps bring my worst hair days back to life. Enter: Pantene’s Intense Rescue Shots.

Since it’s summer time, I know tons of you are spending time outside tanning, swimming, hiking and enjoying the outdoors which is amazing, BUT with all of that sunshine comes potential hair damage. For me, I always see the most damage come through when I spend some time at the beach. I’m not sure if it’s the sun, the salty air, the water, or a combination of all three BUT, whatever it is, I always leave the beach with my hair feeling dry, brittle and damaged. That is until I found my little secret weapon of a product a few months ago.

Here’s how it happened. At the beginning of the summer, I went to the beach for a few days and, after the first full day, my hair was so dry, tangled and just overall gross that I had no choice but to put it up in a bun and try my best to rock the “I actually want my hair to look like this” type look (as seen in the photos below).

Since I knew I’d be going to the beach a lot over the summer, I had to find a cure to the “too messy to be cute beach bun.” Luckily, Pantene couldn’t have come to the rescue at a better time! They challenged me to try the #PanteneToTheRescue Challenge using their Intense Rescue Shots to repair my hair after a day at the beach…my life was changed. Basically, they come in packs of three (they were only $4.97 for a box at Walmart) and they’re so small you can just throw a few in your purse or beach bag!

As soon as you feel your hair starting to dry (or even before you get to that point if you’re really on top of things) you just incorporate it into your next hair wash day. Here’s how it works: use weekly in place of your normal conditioner. While in the shower, apply generously to fully saturate your hair from root-to-tip (targeting the areas in. your hair that see the most damage). Leave it in for 30 seconds, rinse for 30 seconds and WALLAH. You can literally feel your hair change from dry and damaged to silky, smooth, soft locks as you rinse.

Personally, my hair always struggles a bit when I’m visiting different places because of the weather (especially outside in the heat or humidity) and the fact that I’m usually not able to stick to my regular hair wash/treatment routine. But the Intense Rescue Shots contain Pro- vitamin B5, strengthening lipids, and natural glycerin that really make all the difference in turning dry, brittle hair into soft, shiny locks.

SO, if you’re in need of noticeable repair from heat and sun exposure, you should 110% try Intense Rescue Shots out and let me know what you think! I promise you’ll be blown away 💛

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