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I have been getting SO many questions about skincare lately so I wanted to go ahead and write a quick blog ALL ABOUT SKIN.

Now for this blog in particular, I’m going to be sharing my favorite skincare products to get while ON A BUDGET.

One perk of being a blogger is that brands love (love love love) to send us their products to test out, give feedback and/or promote if we really enjoyed it/saw a difference with our skin. Because of this, I’ve tried so many different kinds of skincare products and found a few that I truly love and wanted to share with you all!

And in the world of skincare, you have medical-grade skincare (which can get pretty pricey) and drugstore skincare (which will be your saving grace if you’re balling on a budget). So today we’re going to focus on all things DRUGSTORE.

My favorite place to go for all of these goodies is Rite-Aid. They’re affordable, have every brand you can think of, and they’re located practically on every corner so there’s always one nearby.

Once I’m there, I go straight for the brands Clean & Clear and Neutrogena. Why? Because they’re the BEST. And trust me, I’ve tried them all!

My skin can get pretty sensitive. It’s dry, yet oily; I have blackheads on my nose and get an occasional breakout on my chin, cheeks and forehead (YAY SKIN – am I right?!). But the products listed down below have blown my mind.

None of them dry out my already dry skin – in fact, they all moisturize without over doing it and making it oily! And there’s even a product listed that will save your life if you struggle with breakouts. AMAZING – I KNOW.

So here it is – my daily drugstore skincare routine:

And wallah! Stick to this skincare routine and your face will be FLAWLESS.

What’s your favorite kind of drugstore product?! Let me know in the comments below! xx

HUGE thank you to Johnson & Johnson and Rite Aid for partnering with me on this post! #Sponsored

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