Call me a cliché, but fall is my absolute favorite season. Dressing up in sweaters, leggings and boots while sipping on a classic Pumpkin Spice Latte really fills me up with joy unlike any other season.

Plus, when fall rolls around you get a perfect excuse to curl up, binge-watch scary movies (or TV shows like Stranger Things – which comes out next Friday and I’m PUMPED) and brace yourself for all the holiday festivities to come.

Each fall, I always do certain things to get in the spirit but this time around, I made it appoint to really step up my game because, more often than not, I always settle for the average, sub-par pumpkin patch.

But this year, I wanted to go all out. Corn mazes, pumpkins galore, good food and lots of picture-worthy opportunities – I wanted it all.

In my hunt for the perfect patch, I noticed that people kept posting pictures of this house frame filled with pumpkins and I knew I had to find it. After some Instagram stalking and Google searching, I came across a magical place called the Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch.

Live Oak Canyon is located right of the 10 freeway in Redlands – super easy to get to for all my SoCal peeps. So I grabbed some friends, caravanned down there and MAN did I fall in love.

You walk in and literally enter into a pumpkin HEAVEN. There are rows and rows of pumpkins: white pumpkins, green pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, small ones, HUGE ones – literally any type of pumpkin you could ever want is at that patch.

And if you’re like me and prefer to get your pumpkin for $5 at your local Trader Joe’s, you can literally just admire all of the pumpkins and use them as the perfect fall photo opportunity (everyone there does it so there’s no shame).

Then, once you walk past the pumpkin heaven, there’s a MASSIVE sunflower field. And located right in the middle of the field is the famous pumpkin house (I don’t know if that’s really what it’s called but I just named it that – it seems fitting).

This pumpkin house is the most unique thing I’ve ever seen at any patch and I don’t know why people didn’t think of it earlier because it’s GENIUS.

Stand in that house with the sunflower field in the background and BOOM your family has a new Christmas card. And I’m not joking guys, there was a family there who hired a professional photographer to come and take pictures of them at that house and ten bucks says it’s their new Christmas card.

And after you go through the house, you can attempt to make it through their corn maze which is something I’ve always wanted to do. The movie Maze Runner a while back really had me wondering if I could get out of a maze on my own. Plus, there are inflatable rides, carnival games and BOMB FOOD.

We kind of went ham and got some freshly brewed southern sweet tea, black cherry soda in the CUTEST souvenir mug, a churro covered in fruity pebbles and a root beer float. And the food wasn’t like your typical fair food guys – it was delicious.

The soda was like nothing I’d ever tasted before and the churros were better than Disneyland’s churros by far (not quite as good as Costco’s but, let’s be honest, really nothing can beat those ones).

So once you’ve gone through the maze, taken lots of pictures, played the games, binged on amazing food and bought the perfect pumpkin, you leave feeling so pleased with yourself for fully engaging in some all-out fall festivities – at least I did.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and have an AMAZING weekend doing all sorts of spooky-inspired things! Maybe even stop by this pumpkin patch if you’re looking for something fun to do. XO



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