Wall Haul

Wall Haul
 I don’t know about you, but I love Instagram. Two things that make me especially happy when scrolling through my Insta feed are when I have a great post & when I see a great post.

 Some of my favorite pictures that I’ve either taken or seen of my feed are in front of walls. A good wall residing in a shady spot results in perfect lighting & a perfect picture.


Wall #1: The classic white wall. You can never go wrong. This picture was taken in downtown Claremont, but white walls are everywhere – you just have to look.


Wall #2 & #3: So, some genius with a paintbrush in LA understood the importance of having bright walls to take pictures in front of, so they kindly painted 5 walls with 5 different, vibrant colors right next to each other!

There’s yellow & blue (as pictured), but ALSO red, purple, AND teal! The perfect location to take all your insta pics for the next month in one day 😉 (we’re all guilty of it)

Location: Villains Tavern Parking LotIntersection of S. Santa Fe Ave & Willow Street

IMG_3501 IMG_3475

Walls #4 & #5: So there was ANOTHER genius with a paintbrush in LA who created multiple Insta-worthy murals in the parking lot of the cutest yoga place called The Springs. I mean come on, who doesn’t want a picture in front of a wall of polka dots and a giant gorilla who’s about to do yoga.

Location: 608 Mateo Street, Los Angeles


Wall #5: Is it cliche to say that I LOVE this wall? Well too late I already said it. But honestly this spot is the perfect place to take a picture with someone you love & share it with the social media world.

Location: Culver City’s Hayden TractIntersection of Hayden Ave & Warner Drive

Have fun babes, happy posting!! xoxo

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